Readers’ Comments

“In his most recent book, Bullets and Brains, Dr. Wilner reports on medical developments in the field of neurology that attract his attention. His unique perspective is informed by his training (epilepsy fellowship at the Montreal Neurological Institute) and good judgment. The essays are as worth reading today as they were when they first appeared on”

Michael Rogawski, MD, PhD, Professor of Neurology, Sacramento, CA


“Truly, nicely done. Dr. Wilner has written a compendium of 100 essays on topics ranging from traumatic brain injury to Twitter, epilepsy to electronic medical records, stroke to the status of midlevel providers and neurohospitalists.  He does so in a manner infused with current literature, consensus of experts, and a quantum of humor.”

Patrick Doherty, MD, Neurosurgeon, New London, CT


“For anyone interested in the marvels and human stories of contemporary neurology, Bullets and Brains is a fascinating read. I had planned to scan it, but wound up reading every page and learning a great deal. Bravo!”

Jack Coulehan, MD, author of Bursting with Danger and Music


“With a well-balanced mix of erudition and humour, Dr. Wilner’s latest book treats us to a fascinating mélange of compelling and captivating reading. This is undoubtedly of great interest to anyone interested in learning more about the world of medicine with a neurological slant.”

Tiago Villanueva, MD, Family physician, Portugal


“The author makes it very easy to understand complex subjects. As a 30 year veteran of law enforcement, as a father, and citizen, the information in Bullets and Brains was of great interest. I often found myself saying, ‘Wow, I wish I’d known this before!’ I learned much that will help my life, as well as the lives of my family and community.”

Stephen Cutler, PhD, FBI (retired), Manila, Philippines


Bullets and Brains is a very interesting read. It was light, many times amusing, and I picked up ‘pearls’ of wisdom here and there. Thank you!”

 Ana Javelosa, MD, Neurologist, Manila, Philippines


“Physicians:  Put down your academic journals and read this book! Bullets and Brains  translates abstruse statistics and neurological data into meaningful useful information.  Patients:  Pick up this book! Learn what these neurological developments mean for you.”

Alan Ettinger, MD, MBA, Author, “The Essential Patient Handbook”


“The great treat here is the quality of the writing.  Whether relating what medical missionaries do (the author spends time in the Philippines with a such a group) or the potential of nanotechnology to get medications past the blood brain barrier, Wilner engages the subject with the skill of a master journalist and the expertise of a trained neurologist.”

Alfred Alcorn, novelist, Colrain, MA


Dr. Wilner is an excellent writer who distills information and presents it in an easily understood, concise, compassionate, thought-provoking and often entertaining manner. His chapter describing his first encounter with EPIC made me laugh outloud.

Patricia A. Gibson, MSSW DHL ACSW, Director, Epilepsy Information Service

One reader jotted down the last line from Chapter 32, "Memories to Keep and Those to Forget" in his daily calendar.

One reader jotted down the last line from Chapter 32, “Memories to Keep and Those to Forget” in his daily calendar (the author is out of focus in the background).

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